Swans's Orbs

Swan is a French-Chilean starseed. Swan Tlahuitlkuauhtli is my French-Chilean starseed cosmic brother. We reencountered in 2008 after eons since we were working together back in Mu.

I met my friend and solar brother Swan two years ago during the 2008 New Fire Ceremony I organized in Belgium on Novembre 19th, excatly when the Pleiades were on Zenith at midnight as the old Mayas, Tolteks and Mexihka knew and celebrated every year.

Since our rencounter we've been sharing great moments of joy, love and light, always performing humble ceremonies. In Spring 2009 we met in Anahuak where we traveled and went through initiating Ceremonies together, with us was our brother Lobito, who appears on some of his photos.

Swan and I got tens of photos with hundreds if not thounsands of Orbs on them. Since then the gatherings between us are frequent. Every time we meet we do meditation and ceremonies, the Orbs of Love are always there as you will see in Swan's photos. Enjoy.

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