Message from the Orbs
through Sharon

Sharon is my cosmic sister from London, she is in direct contact with the Orbs, as she has told me they have entered her body and delivered messages of Love to all of us, here is the message they transmit through Sharon, who has kindly allowed me to pass this beautiful message to all of you:

"Hello my Friends,

The field of living light is within and without you; every being in creation is an aspect of the holographic Crystal that is Prime Creator. Each quantum particle of potential is living light and one reflection or mirror of the whole. Creation is a 360 degrees field of a Live Light that we are lovingly wrapped 'in' and supported 'by'. The field crops up in many circles of significance for the delight of all. Electrified, neutralised and grounded to expand the order of LOVE.

Watch the skies my friends, because water too is a light medium and oh how we love to play in the clouds!

We dance along the energy lines of electromagnetic plasma and feel the tones of worlds though our being. We use many subtle forces within our being to cruise around the Cosmos, we have an inner emotional gyroscope that we use to steer the light body Orb with. Emotions have played a large part in life because soon we will harness and use that power to propel ourselves through many environments, and oh how we love to spin!

No fuel but subtle forces at play: Silent Cymantics of divine song played on the 'instruments' of stardust. Whilst we cruise space and see vortexes of glorious colours that make galaxies and molecules, we see in a 360 degrees dance of molecular interaction with all. Being inside our sense; is truly sensual.

We Orbs spin in 360 degrees because we are so joyous to be in this creation of living Light for our Prime Creator is LOVE = Law of Vital Energy. Creation is in love with you as you shine so brightly and laughs with your bedazzlement. Our Gaia, Sol, Luna and all of the celestial bodies are here in Love, for we are one and feel with you. There is much attention upon Earth right now and it is glorious to see your meta-morphemic crystalline beings of love Light expand to create more wonderful LOVE in the infinite Mandelbrot that we are.

I am very proud to be an ambassador of light and I wish to say hello once again to you my friends. It gives me great joy to feel your glow and I thank each and everyone of you for your own being, because Divine you are. Each member of Light Organisation comes to Be of service to Creation and each other, each being is an organ lived entity exuding Love to and receptive from the heart of Creation.

Be bold and proud of your self-discovery because you are awaken into a beautiful, beautiful world of Living Loving Light that loves you very much!

Inhale and feel the s/he Art sing with joy as you eat the food of life within all energies.
The sustenance and Love given in myriad of beautiful mediums is longing to be shared, take joy and pride in your enquiry because there is nothing more important than to discover more of your own Divinity and Grace.

We Love You and please remember to be still and feel your presence of LOVE in this present infinite moment. I close this digital sphere of love and send it along the broadband light ways to your window, wrapped in love, admiration, respect and appreciation.


Sharon " thanks for your visit