What are Orbs?

orb (ôrb)
1. A sphere or spherical object.
2. a. A celestial body, such as the sun or moon. b. Archaic The earth.
3. One of a series of concentric transparent spheres thought by ancient and medieval astronomers to revolve about the earth and carry the celestial bodies.
4. A globe surmounted by a cross, used as a symbol of monarchial power and justice.
5. An eye or eyeball.
6. Archaic Something of circular form; a circle or an orbit.
7. Archaic A range of endeavor or activity; a province.
v. orbed, orb·ing, orbs
1. To shape into a circle or sphere.
2. Archaic To encircle; enclose.
v.intr. Archaic
To move in an orbit.
[Middle English orbe, orbit, from Old French, from Latin orbis, circle, disk, orbit.]The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

1. an ornamental sphere with a cross on top, carried by a king or queen in important ceremonies
2. a sphere; globe
3. Poetic the eye
4. Obsolete or poetic a heavenly body, such as the sun [Latin orbis circle, disc]

Collins Essential English Dictionary

Some people believe Orbs are Angels and Archangels, spirits carried by Angels, Fairies and Unicorns *this is the explanation from Diana Cooper and Kathy Crosswell, both experts in Orbs' studies.
Others believe Orbs are plasma energy, interdimensional beings of light.

I personally believe Orbs are all of this, presence of Love and Light that are here since always and as we enter the Photon Belt the veils between dimensions get thiner and thiner so the interdimensional beings, angels, spirits, fairies, unicorns, plasmatic energies come and go through stargates or interdimensional portals.

Another good question might be: Why are they here?
Could it be they are here to help us human beings to wake up our dormant millennary memories?
Perhaps they are here to assist us in our cosmic awakening to other dimensions, so we can trascend the borderlines between realities and ascend to a 4th and then a 5th dimension as many enlightened masters let us know since long time ago?

The ORB Controversy

by Miller's Paranormal Research 2001

Most ghost web sites, including Miller's Paranormal Research website , give the definition of an orb as the soul of a once living person or animal that appears in photographs as a spherical shaped light. Most often, when orbs are captured on film, one will automatically draw the conclusion that the location is haunted. I'd like to expand a little on the definition of an orb and on what I feel should be taken into consideration when an orb is captured in a photograph.

Before we can get into the definition of an orb, I think that we first need to look at the difference between a ghost and a spirit. Both are the souls of a once living person or animal, therefore they both fall under the definition given for an orb. A ghost is a soul who is earthbound and when it appears as an apparition, it will appear as it looked on the day that it died. This would include the manner in which it was dressed, wounds it may have received and the age it was at the time of death. A ghost will usually make it’s presence known by creating noises, moving objects and other mischievous acts which are signs associated with a haunting. A spirit is a soul who has already made the crossing into "The Light" and can appear in apparition form in any type of clothing and at any age it desires.
A spirit will be surrounded by a glow of light and will not participate in the mischievous acts associated with a haunting. When these two entities appear in apparition form, there is a difference in the way that they appear. But what about when they appear in their lowest energy form, which is the controversial orb? They would both appear as a spherical
shaped light.

A spirit can be anyone from a deceased relative to someone just passing through. When we consider all those that have come and passed before us, wouldn’t it only seem to reason that these spirits would be everywhere around us at any given time or location? Is each and every orb captured in photographs a ghost? In my opinion, most are not. They are most likely a spirit that is either visiting or passing through. They may even be angels who also can appear as spherical shaped light.

Some investigators discredit photographs that contain orbs as being dust particles, reflections, or camera flukes and go to great lengths to prove their theories. They will shake dusty rags or stir up dust (which does create orb-like images) but these tests do not prove their theories for photographs taken under normal conditions. I feel they are restricting the definition of orbs to ghosts and overlooking the possibility that these orbs could be spirits and/or angels. Before I learned what an orb was, I never saw them in my photographs. It was only after I became aware that they started appearing and I've gone back through my old photographs to double-check. I attribute this to the fact that since I now know what they are, they choose to make their presence known because they will be acknowledged. I can buy this concept more than I can buy the concept that I’m suddenly stirring up more dust in my home or that my camera suddenly started malfunctioning when I learned what an orb was. Other investigators take orbs to the opposite extreme and insist that a location is haunted if they photograph an orb there. Orbs are everywhere. Spirits and angels are everywhere. Photographing an orb does not make a
location haunted.

MPR does not determine a location is haunted based upon orb photographs. We currently use a combination which includes video, EVPs, EMF readings, client reports and psychic readings to make that determination. Although this is working well for us now, as we learn more, we may find that spirits and angels also appear on video, leave messages on EVP and set off EMF meters. What would that do to everyone’s haunted theories? Basically, it would put us back to square one, having to depend upon client reports and psychic readings and using our scientific equipment as a back-up to those claims. That's something to think about…..

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