Orbs of Love

Since October 2007 I started noticing Orbs in my photos. My beloved one and I were crossing the Australian Tatami Desert by bike when we made photos with a digital camera in Uluru (Ayer's Rock), the first huge Orbs appeared there, we wouldn't notice this until 4 months later when we came back home in Europe and discovered that in some of the photos made in Uluru and the Olgas in Australia, as well as in some photos made in New Zealand 's South Island the Orbs were there.

It was in Summer of 2008 Austria where I on purpose got the first Orb on my photos, later on that same year the Orbs would appear during a New Fire ceremony I organized on Novembre 19th in Belgium. Since that night somehow I became able to feel the presence of the beings of light, do not ask why or how, simply I could sense they were there so I started using the camera with flash at random directions above my head and around me, and most of the times Orbs show up in the photos.
From that moment I potograph with a digital camera.. and it was worthy, the Orbs are always there, wherever I go they appear always on my photos, even without flash, at daytime too. We are entering a magical moment in the history of this planet I can tell.

The Orbs are here to enlighten us and help us in this great transition.
We are going Home!!!! We are One!!

The Future is Bright and Love is the Key that opens all, all over the Universe.

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