Solar Orbs

Can it be the arrival of the Photon Belt? Can it be the entrance of our entire Solar System to the 4th and 5th Dimension?
I simply ignore it, one thing is almost sure the Father Sun has a message for us, and he is showing us marvelous views, the Orbs are here, one might think that this is due to diffraction of the light and/or the distortion produced by the camera's diaphragm, nevertheless the photos here presented show us the contrary, even there is a series of 3 photos here showing a huge green Orb moving down behind the buildings in front of the camera while the sun sets. Some optics experts or photographers and even phisycists might debate these photos telling that it is an optical efect, due to the diffrent lenses or what do we know, perhaps they have a solid explanation, if so please explain, I'll be happy to understand and learn.

Discern and see for yourself and enjoy. I made photos from the Sun under the skies of Brussels, Stockholm, Orron, Teotihuakan and Auckland. One photo come from my brother Puka Amaru while he was in Per. All of the photos were made in 2009. thanks for your visit